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Buying Coin Rolls Online

roosevelt 64 obw 1One of the most difficult purchases to make online concerns coin rolls, especially when sellers hype what may be inside them.  Imagine yourself in a coin shop or at a coin show looking at rolls.  What should I look for?

Michael Bugeja from Coin World discusses this topic and showcases several examples in his informative article.  To help you bid online wisely, his article is largely visual. It shows screen shots from various sellers and commentary. He states that when looking on-line make sure there are at least  three photos–top of roll, side of roll, bottom of roll – the more the better. You should verify whether the roll has been opened and notice the rainbow toning.  You should also be able to tell where the roll came from: Federal Reserve, Bank or Home Roll.  All are very different but are commonly referred to as being the same thing “the shotgun roll”.

In the final analysis, when buying, trying to find a seller that has a good solid reputation.  Maybe someone you have done business with before and you will never be out of line if you ask questions to get a better understanding of your purchase.  If you can find one that has not been tampered with, these usually carry unsearched and often uncirculated coins with little handling.  Good Luck and Keep Stacking!!!

roosevelt 59 obw 3Source: Buying Coin Rolls Online | Coin Update

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