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Have some precious metals or “scrap” you want to know the purity of or the market value of?

SilverTowne can do that for you! Get paid in cash or use the value as trade for SilverTowne Minted Bullion!

Watch this very informative YouTube Video that explains how the valuation process works from beginning to end.

Go to the website for information and their History SilverTowne Mint.

You can also visit their facility in Winchester, Indiana.

Coin Collection

       Coin Collecting

Coin Update author Dennis Hengeveld states that collectors were once limited to buying at their neighborhood coin shop, at local and national trade shows, and through mail-order lists.  The Internet has created an online marketplace that stretches from coast to coast and beyond.  As a seller, does not having an on-line presence make you non-existent to buyers?  Are there new innovations coming to keep collectors interested?  How does the younger generation take over for the older dealers?

It is obvious that the wonderful world of numismatics is changing, but these changes are happening more rapidly than ever. He examines the hobby and makes comparisons to other collectables as to how it is changing for many reasons.

In this article he takes a look at the future of numismatics, both good and bad.  Where do you stand an how will it change how you view the hobby?   Check the Possibilities

Source: The Future of Numismatics | Coin Update

olympic rings

The Olympic Rings

The ANA (American Numismatics Association)  shares with Coin World some interesting obscure facts about the history of the Medals.

7 Facts about the Olympic Medals


The Olympic Medals

Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone and The Street’s Scott Gamm discuss just how much the tax burden can be for America’s top athletes.

The Real Cost of an Olympic Medal




250x200xiStock_000005558311Medium_4_1_1_jpg_pagespeed_ic_sZrBmCiCh0Dr. Jeff Lewis asks:

  1. Are you curious about buying silver coins to protect you and your family’s against inflation?

  2. Do you want to learn about the advantages of silver investing?

  3. Are you already collecting silver and believe it is great investment?

If any of these sound like you, go to his website –  it is a wealth of information.

If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about silver investing, take your time and browse through the different topics or sign up for his Free Guide to Silver Coin Investing or Free Silver Assessment.  Picture courtesy of Silver-Coin-Investor.com

Great Silver Information


Source:  Think For Yourself

Diversifying your wealth into precious metals is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. It’s also important to carefully consider what types precious metals to own amidst the many options available.

Engelhard 1 oz bars

Engelhard 1 oz bars with case

What follows in an article written by Stefan Gleason President of  Money Metals Exchange are pointers regarding seven key criteria for deciding what to buy. The seven key points are Tangibility, Frugality, Functionality, Liquidity, Purity, Reportability, and Opportunity.

Source: 7 Things to Consider When Buying Precious Metals

How do you enjoy your collection and still make sure it is safe?  Too often we hear news of a home invasion, a dealer being robbed or a collector’s car being vandalized while grabbing something to eat on a long drive back from a coin show.  Security is a top concern for many collectors and dealers around the world.

eagles nest 1969 1

Silver Eagles Nest 1969 Walla Walla Mint 19.25 oz

Dennis Hengeveld shares his views on securing your collection.  His article will discuss some things collectors can do to protect their investments and when it comes to security and valuables, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Source: Securing Your Collection | Coin Update

Rod Gillis, from Coin Update, explores the various options available when inheriting a U.S. coin collection. This vignette presents several helpful avenues for the collection whether you intend to sell, donate or keep it intact!

If you need assistance in determining what to do, just send a message in the contact section and we will be glad to assist you in determining possible solutions.  We currently have consignments that we are offering like the ones discussed.  Many different options are available depending on your specific circumstances.

American Numismatic Association Shares More “Video Vignettes” With Rod Gillis | Coin Update


Source: American Numismatic Association Shares More “Video Vignettes” With Rod Gillis | Coin Update

Ron Drzewucki from Modern Coin Wholesale writes in Coin Week…..  In the coin industry, “bullion” is a word with many connotations. the world knows and respects the value of bullion, whether it’s in the form of a bar or a coin.

Engelhard Prospector 1oz Silver Rounds

Engelhard Prospector 1oz Silver Rounds

Bullion makes a great addition to your financial portfolio, and is one of the more dependable ways to diversify your investments. When the economy hits a slump, and stocks and bonds take a dive, you’ll be glad you looked into bullion.

Diversity is the name of the game.  Besides, bullion coins aren’t just useful economic instruments; they’re attractive collectors’ items, too.

Read the entire article in Coin Week as he shares all the different types and mints!!!

Source: Bullion and Bullion Coins: The Name of the Game

A trip of a life time for two young Academy Cadets from Kings Point – The “Hidden Federal Academy”. This enlightening video of a resupply mission to McMurdo Science Base in Antarctica was done with six different GOPRO’s using time lapse and video.  These short four minutes are only a small glimpse of the entire operation.  Thanks go out to Tanner Evens and Nick Gioino from the class of 2017.  Go Mariners!!!

Once again, take a break from collecting.  It is a big world.  Hopefully these kids will stash away some silver for their early retirements!!!  I am helping two graduates do that now.  For more information on the Academy just sent me a message.

Baltic Runner in 4K HD –

A salute to those individuals who travel the world delivering the goods we all use everyday.  Congrats go out to many Kings Pointers and state maritime school graduates who take to the task everyday!!!  Take a five minute break from the rigors of collecting and stacking those coins… 

This time lapse footage was made by George Leonov while working on a containership the MV Carat going around the Baltic Sea and North Europe. Over 15,000 photos were used to put this video together, all summed up in five minutes.  Access provided by gCaptain who shares access to the world of Maritime shipping and transportation.

This shows a very fast paced environment, sometimes as little as eight hours sailing between ports and many berth shifts while loading and unloading cargo.

Note the precise ship handling while maneuvering the ship and without any assistance of the tug boats. Enjoy!

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