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Are you a believer, investor or user of this new cryptocurrency?

Provident Metals shows that it has grown in value and has also become a more mainstream option for investors.  They have started accepting the cryptocurrency as payment as just announced.  Others are following this path.

Bitcoin has seen a year full of milestones, considering it started 2017 below $1,000, then hit record after record soaring past the $19,000 mark for the first time.

But what does the future hold for the cryptocurrency?

Todd Haselton recently wrote an article for CNBC on his personal experience of owning Bitcoin for a week.  He details his experience on MSN.  “Owning Bitcoin”.

Todd also wrote an interesting perspective on giving Bitcoin as a gift instead of those boring lotto cards and priceless gifts.  Watch his CNBC Tech Guide and learn all about setting up you own account this interesting piece – How to give Bitcoin this Holiday season.

Will it replace currency or precious metals? Does it require too much power to operate? There is much that is to be discussed!!!

In summary, it is new and exciting – but will it last?

Read more from Provident Metals: Bitcoin is growing and being used to buy precious metal bullion | Provident


The United States Mint today unveiled the winning designs in the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Design Competition. The event took place at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s headquarters in New York.

The designs were created by Emily Damstra, a member of the United States Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program, and will be featured on a clad coin, a silver coin, and the nation’s first-ever pink-hued gold coin.

The three-coin program is authorized by Public Law 114-148, the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Act, in recognition of America’s fight against breast cancer.

For more information and a visual of the design follow the article by Coin Info below.

Source: United States Mint unveils designs for Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coins | Coin Update

“If you don’t know gold, you’d better know your gold dealer,” Stuppler emphasized.  He is from the Temecula, California–based Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) which was founded in 1955.

Recently published in Coin Update and following the recent fraud charges filed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission against a California gold seller, a trade group composed of veteran precious-metals experts is urging investors to take important steps before making any purchases of gold, silver, or platinum bullion coins or ingots.

“To avoid paying too much when you buy, or receiving too little when you sell, and to avoid potential scams, investors absolutely must know the credentials of the bullion dealer—not just what the dealer may tout on TV advertisements or with a fancy website,” cautioned Barry Stuppler of Woodland Hills, California, president of the nonprofit Professional Numismatists Guild.


Source: Professional Numismatists Guild offers three expert tips to avoid gold scams | Coin Update

Coin Collection

New to numismatics? Take a look at this guide to getting started.

Many people begin their coin collecting journey by finding an interesting coin in their pocket change, inheriting a coin collection or acquiring a few coins by some other means. Other people think they have found a rare and valuable coin and are looking to get rich quick.

Regardless of where you start, here are some tips that will ensure you have a long and profitable coin collecting journey.  This was posted by the Ann Arbor Area Coin Club which was restarted over a year ago and shares news and items every month in Michigan.  This guide was created by James Buck for The Spruce.

Source: Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners

Silver coins beat the house. This short personal anecdote shared by Liberty Coin Service in Lansing Michigan, is a perfect demonstration of why it is prudent for most everyone to own some bullion-priced physical gold and silver coins and ingots.

Fifty years ago, my mother purchased a home for $29,000. Three years ago, one of my brothers purchased the home from my mother’s estate for $100,000. Did this home really more than triple in value over the years?

Absolutely not!

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis at https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M1SL, the M1 definition of the U.S. money supply when my mother purchased her home was $177 billion. When this house sold three years ago, the U.S. money supply had grown to more than $2.8 trillion, an increase of more than 15 times.

Had the value of the home simply kept up with the inflation of the money supply, it should have sold for more than $450,000. Instead it went for less than one-fourth of this amount.  Obviously, the value of this home did not come anywhere close to offsetting the loss of purchasing power caused by government inflation of the money supply.

By the way, when my mother purchased this home, she was saving the silver coins in her pocket change. When she died, these coins had increased in value almost the exact same amount as the increase in the U.S. M1 money supply.

That’s right. Owning silver coins better protected her from the economic losses suffered from government inflation of the money supply than did owning her own home.

Think about it.


Source: Silver Coins Beat the House • Liberty Coin

The ANA—American Numismatic Association, has posted a great listing of sites and reading recommendations.  Explore the links to expand your knowledge of coin collecting and numismatics.

Money Websites  The following list contains links to some of the best websites available to numismatists. Use these in conjunction with the recommended books listed.

Reading only a couple of books or relying only on internet sources will not provide sufficient knowledge to do well as a coin treasure hunter.  There are many, educational  websites to assist you, but the compiled sites will start you out in the right direction.

Source: Links to Helpful Numismatic & Coin Collecting Websites

Coin Update recently announced, with input from numismatic experts, the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, has issued a consumer-protection alert about buying and selling gold coins.  Paxton’s advisory cautions consumers and investors:  “If coins you bought as an investment would have to double or triple in value before any gain could be realized, you may have been a victim of fraud.”

Among other tips in the Texas attorney general’s advisory:

  • Do not respond to callers not previously contacted. Cold callers often are not registered in Texas to legally tele market and often try to pressure customers to act quickly.

  • Do not do business with a dealer who guarantees your purchases are totally safe, will go up in value, or can’t go down; who stresses government gold confiscation; or who says he will buy them back for what you paid at any time.

  • If you believe you may have been a victim of fraud, do not hesitate to contact the authorities.

  • For greater detail involving this issue review the complete advisory.

Source: Texas attorney general issues consumer-protection tips for gold buyers | Coin Update

Buying Pre-1965 Silver Right Now Offers Downside Protection and Potential Upside Profit

The case for owning low-premium bullion products, and avoiding high-premium numismatic products, is straightforward.  Specialty coins that carry hefty collectible premiums above melt value put buyers an immediate disadvantage. If they have to turn around and sell, they might get back only a small fraction of the premium they paid.

Bullion coins that sell for close to melt value don’t carry that type of downside risk. They tend to closely track spot prices with relatively small bid/ask spreads.  At the present time, the best opportunity in 90% silver is to be a buyer.  That’s because premiums now sit at historically low levels. In quantities of a half bag or larger, junk silver can be had for under $1/oz over spot prices!.

You pay virtually nothing extra now to own an asset that could command much higher premiums in the future. It’s like getting a free option on rising premiums that never expires. When a period of extreme tightness returns to the market, you may wish to exercise that option.

In baseball terms, it’s a double play opportunity. You have the potential to make money two ways – from rising silver prices and rising coin premiums – with one purchase.  The silver bullion market is not merely the spot silver market. Each type of bullion product is its own market with its own bid/ask spreads and premiums. Most ordinary bullion bars and rounds don’t deviate much from spot prices in normal market conditions.

This perspective is courtesy of the Money Metals News Service.  To explore the topic in greater depth, click the link below or go to the Money Metals Exchange and sign up for their newsletter which offers many unique opportunities.

Source: Double Play Potential of Pre-1965 U.S. Silver

Provident Metals introduces Third Silver Round in the Privateer Series

Provident Metals is excited to introduce the third silver round in the Privateer Series: The Captain 2oz Silver Ultra High Relief Round.  The piratic round was struck with two troy ounces of .999 fine silver at the Elemetal Mint.


“The Captain,” known for his piracy on the open seas, is featured on the reverse of this 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Round.  Strapped with weapons across his chest and holding a sword and treasure map, he stands beside a conch shell and a treasure chest filled to the brim with coins as the sea roars in the background. He wears a long coat, an eye patch, hat, and a long, gnarled beard.

Pirates like The Captain were known for capturing vessels on the open waters and robbing the ships of their valuable belongings.

The reverse image displays the pirate as he proudly stands beside a hoard of gold, silver, and precious stones.

The common obverse of the Privateer series features a human skull atop a wooden wheel that’s wrapped in tattered rope. Reminiscent of the Jolly Roger, the design is surrounded by inscriptions of “NO PREY NO PAY” and “2 oz. FINE SILVER .999. “No prey, no pay” is a piratical phrase that meant if a raid was unsuccessful and no valuable commodities were acquired, the privateers would not be paid for their efforts.

The Captain follows the release of the Plank and Siren in the series which carries a pirate-themed design with high relief images rising off of the surface on both the obverse and reverse.  Unique in appearance, these extraordinary rounds are excellent options for Silver Bullion collectors.

Many thanks to Provident Metals for the innovative approaches to the bullion collecting public.

Source: The Captain 2 oz Silver High Relief Round | Provident Metals


Apollo 11 Astronauts

Only one country gets to be first to put a man on the moon, and on July 20, 1969, the United States became that country.  The manned Moon landing was a singular achievement for humankind, and one of the greatest moments in modern American history.

Collectors and space-program enthusiasts are turning their attention to the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and its 50th anniversary in 2019.  At issue is the passage of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act.




First Moon Landing

  You can see other Silver collectibles at Captain’s Coins Silver and Cards .






For Further information and to view pictures follow this link  Coin Update November 5 Issue .

The following is a re-post from Coin Update’s sister site, Mint News Blog.

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